USAC Coaching Summit 2016

Everything I need to know, be reminded of and inspired to do comes from my fellow coaches at events like the USAC Coaching Summit...bonus that it's in CO; my soulmate land.

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Paul Aiken Daily Camera photo, words by Tamara Chueng

Colorado Challenge: Save More Riders' Lives-- click here to read Daily Camera Article

The topic is a bit morbid, but it must be addressed: The number of bicyclists and pedestrians dying on Colorado roads is not declining. Hence, the state’s Department of Transportation challenged residents Friday with a $500,000 reward to come up with some solid technological ideas that will reverse the trend.

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There's adventure out there...

Guess it's time once again to put on the big girl panties and set out on yet another adventure. As I travel through my 50th year I don't want to miss a moment!

I have absolutely loved my time in Boulder, CO. This is a city full of amazingly kind-hearted, intelligent, active, outdoor loving people. The landscape and lifestyle is one I feel at home in. That said, it was certainly disappointing to be floating on ...

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Let's Collaborate.....

WomenCyclist- PDF 2016

I founded Women Cyclist  with the intent of finding women to ride with.  It didn’t take long for my passion for the sport to spread and my “peloton” to grow as women were anxious to share the roads with one another.  I was overwhelmed with the number of women who not only wanted to ride, but wanted instruction and support.  Thus, I became a USAC  Certified Cycling Coach, started a group ride through a local ...

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"Cycling isn't just about getting to the top of the's about the journey that happens along the way."          
Get on your bike, start pedaling, join me.....

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