Aeolus Endurance Cycling Camp in Marin

Join  Adnan Kadir: USAC Elite cycling coach at his Marin, CA Cycling Endurance Camp 2015  Top quality coaching, fully supported rides, beautiful lodging, plus delicious meals make this cycling camp a top rated destination for serious cyclists. Click the link for more information.

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Action Wipes News...We're Back

Action Wipes full body wipes are truly an exceptional wipe. Not only do they get you clean, they smell wonderful, won't burn and are made to throw in the wash and repurpose. As a woman who loves the outdoors, enjoys a good sweat, but wants to be girlie fresh after Action Wipes are my "must have" item in my purse, my jersey, my backpack and in the car!<

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Skills & Drills Fun

Ride Email:)

Hi all,

The B4T9 Agoura Monthly Social Ride is Sunday, February 8th. We are looking forward to seeing you for our first monthly ride!! We ROLL promptly at 9AM from Berniece Bennett Park so please ARRIVE EARLY to get ready, check in and sign waiver.
Remember to bring your bike (in proper working order, of course), water bottles, helmet (mandatory), CO2 cartridges & tube. We'll post routes soon.

Note: In the interest of safety, RAIN CANCELS
February 8th ...

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Clean Bottle creates new model

I have several friends who seem to be obsessed with water bottles and my friends at Clean Bottle fit that category.  I love that Clean Bottle's initial design solved the common bottle cleaning issue by creating a removable bottom...personally I'm that girl who is guilty of totally gross water bottles floating around in my Adventure van--I'm flawed I'll admit; but once I get around to cleaning, the bottom removal option makes a messy job easier.  Now, Clean Bottle takes it a ...

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Vote For National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

National Geographic Adventurers of the Year...

Vote for paragliding friends Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg....National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Photo by Pablo Durana


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Mike Nosco Memorial Ride

The Mike Nosco ride was again a HUGE success.  The weather could not have been better and of course the entire cycling community that gathers for this event is just fantastic.  It's like old home week, every is relaxed (at least after it's over) and it's really one of those rare time when riders gather and spend time together after the ride.  The auction is super fun, the kits by Primal looked great, and the volunteers/spomsors worked so ...

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Let's Collaborate.....

WomenCyclist PowerPoint

I founded Women Cyclist  with the intent of finding women to ride with.  It didn’t take long for my passion for the sport to spread and my “peloton” to grow as women were anxious to share the roads with one another.  I was overwhelmed with the number of women who not only wanted to ride, but wanted instruction and support.  Thus, I became a USAC  Certified Cycling Coach, started a group ride through a local bike ...

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Keirin Jeans for the Quad Goddess-new Kickstarter

Most of the cyclists I know love compression...except when it come to wearing jeans.  Squeezing strong quads and biscuit butts into denim is a nightmare....worse than that is the appearance of crack when you buy jeans to fit your quads but are left with that awful "crack gap" know what I mean! Now we have options. ....

Born from an idea, aspiring Olympian Beth Newell is the inspiration for creating jeans for athletes.  You can read the whole story ...

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The Undress is FULLY funded--Can't wait to get mine!!

11/4/2014   Great news from The Undress...this project has fully funded.  Expect delivery to start in early 2015.  I can't wait to get mine and have had so much fun watching this come to life--incredible people who I am very happy to have met. CONGRATULATIONS!

The founders  listened to women's feedback and have added a full size run of the Undress to its offerings for active women. Few companies have been on the leading edge of this, however, Susan Otcenas; owner of Team ...

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"Cycling isn't just about getting to the top of the's about the journey that happens along the way."          
Get on your bike, start pedaling, join me.....

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