Guess it’s time once again to put on the big girl panties and set out on yet another adventure. As I travel through my 50th year I don’t want to miss a moment!

I have absolutely loved my time in Boulder, CO. This is a city full of amazingly kind-hearted, intelligent, active, outdoor loving people. The landscape and lifestyle is one I feel at home in. That said, it was certainly disappointing to be floating on high with my new inspiration and knowledge from the QBP Women’s Mechanic Scholarship only to hear, “Your position is being eliminated.” from that bike shop. To be fair and since my performance wasn’t an issue I was offered another position; but I’m not going to be that woman who sets a precedent that we should accept less to do the same.

I still have a lot to do in this lifetime so there isn’t time to waste (something I am more aware of now). I have many passions and I believe in the power of the universe– even though I can see my friends roll their eyes at my hippie-ness:)

As my good friend EC always says, You take the next indicated step. I found myself buying a ticket to Monterey, CA, calling friends I hadn’t seen in a year and meeting them for the Sea Otter bike expo. Immediately I was inspired and surrounded by the doers in the bike world, the advocates, the inspiring pros and those who truly support these people. We shared laughs, sunburns, bike rides, meals and called it work! We raised money for charity, put bandages on and drank too much coffee and geeked out on bike parts. Yeah, we had FUN and we made a difference.

So, for the next quarter of my 50th year I’m heading back to CA… I’m going to live in wine country and help out a friend on her vineyard; get back to being inspired, learn some new things from my entrepreneurial friends, get back to coaching camps & clinics, riding and getting more women to ride.

I’m going to miss Boulder, it’s funny quirks, my amazing girlfriends here, the landscape for sure, the rushing rivers and all of my friends and even the snow; but absence does make the heart grow fonder and I’m sure I’ll return to my dream homeland again.

Until then, I’m grateful that I have friends and family who give me courage and allow me to bravely explore everyday with a sense of adventure and freedom. Sure things I’ve come to love will change; I’ll have to drive a car again, shorten my showers, wear more sunscreen, but my world will expand once again and I look forward to that because sometimes you have to use the pointy end of the boot to stand up for the truth in your heart.

Let’s pedal and have some damn FUN:)