Details: I live in Boulder, CO and love the people, the lifestyle, am adjusting to the weather and altitude. My work has no boundries.  If there’s an open road and a woman or a group eager to learn about bikes I am there.
My Rides: BH Cristal, Specialized S-works AmiraScott PlasmaBMC Pure, BMC Shiver, Marin hard tail, Orbea Dama
Status: Happily married.
Origin: Maine.
Favorite Male Cyclists: It seems that all my favorite pros came out as dopers; but these guys still do/did some super nice charity work and personal good for friends of mine; we all make mistakes–they aren’t super heroes, just super human–Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie
Favorite Female Cyclist: Allison Powers, Rebecca Rusch, Jill Gass, Meredith Miller, Caroline Mani, Liz Hatch, Kristen Armstrong, Ina Yoko-Teutenberg

Favorite Jeans: any jeans with holes

Facts: USAC Level 1 Cycling Coach,Certified USAC Skills Instructor, Coach of Distinction, Cat 4 B4T9 Foundation Master’s Women’s Team Member, Contributing Women’s Editor Road Bike Action Magazine, Voted So Cal’s Most Influential Woman in Cycling; I’m a writer and a marketer —I love when all of those things come together…some people might call it work; I believe your passions can provide monetary gains:)

From RaeLynn

I wasn’t some super athlete when I started to ride—I was like most women; afraid I looked fat in spandex, worried about falling in my clips the first time, hated to be dropped by my husband, hated hills (but not any more), I’ve had knee surgeries; 8 of ’em…

But now…I feel strong, have more spandex than little black dresses, love the long climbs, spend more time on my bike than at Nordstrom, eat anything I want and love cycling—you can be there too! And, I’m still working to drop my husband on a climb.

Enough about me, unless you want entertainment and you don’t mind the very personal stuff and the occasional “F” bomb T-shirt, then you can hop on over to my BLOGpage: http://www.zenzyus.blogspot.com/

ButI want to know about you…

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