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WomenCyclist- PDF 2016

I founded Women Cyclist  with the intent of finding women to ride with.  It didn’t take long for my passion for the sport to spread and my “peloton” to grow as women were anxious to share the roads with one another.  I was overwhelmed with the number of women who not only wanted to ride, but wanted instruction and support.  Thus, I became a USAC  Certified Cycling Coach, started a group ride through a local bike shop and began growing the sport of women’s cycling.

I have since earned status of Level 1 USAC coach and certified skills instructor.   I have focused my coaching business on teaching beginner to intermediate skills and have joined forces with many elite coaches to provide single day clinics, training camps, entry to racing and bike tours to the masses.  My continued study of female specific equipment has been supported by Road Bike Action magazine in the column “Girl Talk” which is featured in every issue.  Road Bike Action has continued to increase its coverage of women’s cycling and has been an amazing contributor to the success of this movement.

2010 was a fabulous year of growth and I was lucky to be voted on of Southern California’s most influential women of cycling. I continue to love the sport, riding my bike, testing products, using social marketing for business and charitable works and seeing each and every woman’s smile as she summits the next big mountain pass. 2013 proved to be an even bigger year, with more event and stronger partnerships with companies like you! 2014 brought about many changes with my move to San Diego, adding a focus to commuting bicycling, as well as long distance women tours and strong collaborations with industry people who choose the strengthen the so called “pie” rather than slice it more thinly…we all love PIE, so bigger is better:)2015 landed me in Boulder, CO, living a year without a car and exploring the complicated world of women in bike shops. I was also lucky to be selected as a recipient of the QBP Women’s Mechanic Scholarship and passed as a certified bike technician:) 2016 takes me back in So. Cal for yet another adventure, so stay tuned for the details!

If you have an interest in growing the sport of woman’s cycling, hosting a training event/camp/tour, marketing your product on the website, at our clinics, camps or events or participating in a way that is beneficial for all, I want to speak with you. I don’t have many QOMs, but I can be the queen of networking and putting people together for mutual benefit.

Call or email me now to set a time to speak.  RaeLynn Milley, rlmzenzyus@gmail.com 805-908-5162  A look at my services and some possibilities are here: WomenCyclist PowerPoint


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