I don’t use power meters…I emPOWer my athletes.

You won’t find any cookie cutter miracle training programs here. Nothing titled “Three weeks to your fastest time trial” or “Lose 10 pounds in two weeks” will ever hit this page. Why? They may or may not work, but I believe women are as individual as a fingerprint, therefore a training program should be designed specifically for your needs, your goals, and your abilities.

I work with a variety of coaches, nutritionists, bike shops, mechanics, bike shop owners, fitness instructors and just lots of good folks that bring knowledge to the table that’s useful in achieving RESULTS.

Yes, RESULTS. That’s what you want right? Achieving the right result means training toward it, recovering properly, being well equipped and fueling efficiently. When you set out on the bike with myself and one of my partners, we take into consideration your recovery level, the workload of the week, the desired result and more importantly your life in order to maximize every session.

As women, we are busy. There’s kids, husband, family, work and little time left to train. Women need training programs that accomplishes a lot; in as little time as possible.

IMG_1531We offer individualized programs by the hour, day, week, weekend, or month as well as clinics for groups as few as three. Whether you are a beginner cyclist looking to get skills to ride in a group, a recreational cyclist that wants to do a multi-day event or century ride, a tri-athlete that wants a better time on the bike, a club rider that wants to improve speed or performance or an endurance cyclist that wants to conquer the big hills, we have programs for everyone.

Services Offered:

Evaluation ride – one on one ride session to evaluate your needs/areas of improvement before starting a training program.

Private coaching— 1 to 1 on the bike coaching for those who wish to improve skills, bike handling, form, build endurance, speed and power in private sessions.

Group coaching —groups of 3 to 5 riders, on the bike coaching. Perfect for similarly skilled groups working together to ride a charity ride, triathlon, ironman or other event.

Clinics and Camps— 3 or more riders. Focus is customized to the group. May include affiliate coaches, various locations (will travel to your location for additional fee), and ride. Designed specifically for your group needs. Check out the events page for listings of upcoming events or email me to schedule an event for your group, bike shop or friends.

Safety clinics…for groups, children, schools, bike shops, clubs etc.

Flat changing clinic — learn to properly change/repair a flat on the road.

Bike shopping – Full service shopping help to insure you get the right bike specifically for your needs.

Bike fit: Performed by one of my affiliates, locations and pricing vary based on needs.

Product testing: Available to test women’s specific and/or cycling products, bikes, and gear.
ps. You may see post referring to the Pioneer Cycling Meter which I am testing–I am an absolute gear GEEK, but have no fear; a power meter isn’t needed to start training–desire and passion will power you up the hills, then later if want the hi-tech stuff I’m in the know of what to buy:)
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Photo credit: Scott Dworkin